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Member:Krysta Donovan

Krysta has over 15 years of experience in the industry. She began her career on the legal side as a Real Estate Law Clerk in Ontario and made the switch to being a Mortgage Advisor in 2017. Her knowledge on each side of the industry has proven to make borrowers feel confident that her knowledge can be trusted!

Krysta takes amazing care of her clients from start to finish. She will tailor your mortgage to suit your needs, whether it be lower payments for the budget conscious borrower or maximum payments for the borrower who would like to pay the mortgage off as quickly as possible. As well working with home owners to refinance their home and pull out equity to complete renovations or pay off those higher interest credit cards/loans.

Krysta works with you to manage your debt and make a plan to buy a home or refinance in the future. She genuinely cares about borrowers & their families and sincerely wants to work together to make the best decision possible!

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